PO-MO is one of North America's leaders in transforming spaces for events and promotions using interactive projections on buildings, augmented reality display solutions, gesture controlled displays, and dynamic lighting design to provide users with new and engaging experiences.

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Hatvany Lajos Museum, Hungary

Interactie Wall (Using Po-motion)

This interactive wall installation uses 3 seamed projectors ( 2m x 5.5m ). The background is an image of multiple Hatvan city landmarks (castle; town hall; church ), with the atmosphere of the 1900s. Approaching the wall causes pigeons to fly away.

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Interactive Pond for Winery in Korea

Po-motion Interactive Projection Software

This interactive pond ripples as you walk across the stepping stones, startling animated 3D fish. Realistic lillipads move with the water. Made with Po-motion software.

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Wesley Hall

Building Projection Mapping

On September 27th, 2014, PO-MO Inc. video mapped historic Wesley Hall in Winnipeg for Nuit Blanche. The projection was interactive and the animations on the building reacted to a live DJ. This was the largest interactive building projection ever done on a building in Winnipeg to date.

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Electric Donkey Run 2014

Outdoor Festival/Event

On September 6th, hundreds of Winnipeggers joined in the Electric Donkey Run, walking, running or dancing their cares away! Dressed to impress and glowing from head to toe, (and from ear to ear), families ran from the Forks to the Legislative and then danced the night away.

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Clara's Big Ride 2014

Interactive Twitter Wall / Sparkle Party

We welcomed Clara Hughs to Winnipeg at Manitoba's Big Social For Clara's Big Ride by projecting SparkleParty and an interactive Twitter wall on 3 walls!

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Interactive Projection in Taikoo Hui Guangzhou Mall - China

Realistic interactive fish pond installation

Installation designed and installed by ViTech, a full service interactive installation company servicing Hong Kong, Macau and China. PO-MO provided customized Po-motion software remotely, and ViTech did the rest. This installation is pure magic.

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BASELAN Winnipeg 2014

Skeleton Tracking Robot Demo

We brought our skeletal tracking robot project to Baselan in Winnipeg Jan. 2014 to show it to e-sport gamers. How much cooler will it be to watch championships like League of Legends when, instead of a kid wearing a headset, we can see people in mo-cap environments actually swinging swords at each other? Pretty cool, we think.

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PO-MO New Years Countdown Clock

Building Videomapping Projection

We kicked off 2014 with -51 Celsius weather(colder then Mars or the North Pole), but we still managed to have a 30 person dance party on the street at midnight when our building projection clock turned into a giant music video.

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Buhler Centre Interactive Building Projection

Kinect controlled interactive display

Projected balls are kept in motion using wind physics. Balls on the left bounce off the decorative flippers on the side of the building and roll to the right side of the window. The right side shows an outline of people standing in front of the Kinect sensor, allowing them to slap at the moving balls to change their direction.

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Ripley Clothing Store

Interactive Window Display

This amazing interactive window display was designed and installed by Think Big by Trust in Peru for Ripley, using Po-motion interactive display software. To learn more about Po-motion please visit www.po-motion.com

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LUMO - The World's First Interactive Projector For Kids

Kickstarter Project

LUMO transforms your child's room into a magical, interactive world using safe, energy efficient technology. LUMO has bright, colorful effects that encourage babies to move and explore, and unique, fun games to physically engage older children. Children can design and publish their own games and effects using easy web-based tools.

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Interactive Projections

For Parties, Conferences and Events

Every year, PO-MO creates custom interactive visuals for parties and events all over the world, providing everything from media production to AV equipment rentals and staging. We can even bring the DJs and traditional lighting. Our unique services create unimaginable experiences for your audience.

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Sparkle Party Interactive Dance Wall

Make anyone look like an amazing dancer!

Get dancing with this amazing, programmable interactive wall from PO-MO. Design your own effects and create themes for different songs or parties! Perfect for DJs, VJs, clubs, parties, and anywhere that needs a little more interactive light and color. Why invest in expensive lighting when you can make your walls interactive?

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South by Southwest 2013

Interactive Sidewalk

How do you draw a crowd to your establishment during an event as competitive as South by Southwest? Hire us to install an interactive game out front! People lined up to play interactive sidewalk games outside BD Rileys. Looking for a really cool way to liven up your outdoor event this summer? Look no further!

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A Cat on an Interactive Floor

Heidi tests some interactive fishponds

There is nothing cuter than a cat confused by an interactive fish pond projection. Unless it's a very weird looking cat. This is Heidi. She tests our software for us in exchange for kibble.

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Interactive Motion Controlled Robot

Installation at SXSW 2013

PO-MO displayed an interactive motion controlled robot at SXSW 2013 that mimics whatever arm and upper body moverments you make.

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TransNdance VJ Software

Live 3D Club Visuals

Dance in front of TransNdance and you'll see yourself on the display, converted to a person made of star shapes or bubbles half submerged in the ocean. A fantastic backdrop for DJs and VJs. TransNdance can be configured to draw in Twitter feeds or RSS information so that the audience can add messages to the display.

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Honest Agency Christmas Party

Various Installations and a Hologram

When our friends at Honest Agency asked if we'd help them at their Christmas party we couldn't resist bringing a hologram or two. Especially when they told us there'd be an open bar. Honest created some of their own branded interactive projection displays, and we threw in some games for the kids. The entire event was a huge success.

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Demo Day, November 2012

3D Projection, Interactive Floor and Videomapping

We shot a few videos of different things we've been testing and learning this month. This showcase features videomapping on a mannequin, a new interactive floor effect for Po-motion.com, and a 3D projection of a fetus skull chicken created by our lead designer.

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Augmented Reality Business Card

Mobile App Development

PO-MO's Augmented Reality application for Android. This app allows Android devices like tablets and phones to generate a controllable 3D bunny using a symbol on our business card. View project details to download.

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Interactive Audio and Light Installation

Synthetica- Nuit Blanche 2012

A huge sound and light installation created for the Winnipeg Art Gallery for their 2012 Nuit Blanche celebration. One wall features a gestural painting installation, while the other allows multiple people to point and direct different effects on a giant music sequencing wall.

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Impossible Animals Museum Exhibit

Digital Children's Museum Installation

PO-MO and the Manitoba Children's Museum designed an exhibit featuring interactive 3D animals. Children color an egg on a piece of paper, scan it, and choose where their egg will hatch. A 3D robot delivers their colored egg to a 3D environment, and they touch the egg to make it hatch into a motion and touch reactive animal.

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LiveSign Window Display Software

User Tracking Digital Signage

LiveSign uses a Kinect sensor and a projector to track people who walk by a storefront window and display interactive signage. The program scrubs a series of images based on the position of the person closest to the display. Changing the display is as simple as changing the images.

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PO-MOtion Interactive Floor and Wall Software

Interactive Floor and Wall Software

PO-MO's innovative, affordable interactive floor and wall software is perfect for retail and education. Software starts at $39.99, works on any computer using any USB webcamera. Super easy to set up. Try it free for 30 days.

Check out www.po-motion.com for more info!

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Interior Architectural Projection

Quinzmas 2011

PO-MO turned the top of the stage at the Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg into an interactive screen, which lit up to the music of Quinzy and House of Doc. Animations designed to simulate vines, bells, flocks of birds and other effects were incorporated directly on the architecture.

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Outdoor Building Projection

2011 Santa Parade

For the 2011 Winnipeg Santa Parade, PO-MO transformed a building at the Forks into Santa's Workshop. Elves and reindeer make toys and dance in the windows of a gingerbread factory.

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Ride the Rocket - Theme Park Attraction

Nuit Blanche Toronto, 2011

Ride the Rocket is an immersive streetcar ride, created by Kurt Firla, Elliott Mealia, and PO-MO Inc. for Nuit Blanche Toronto, 2011. The ride takes passengers into Lake Ontario, inside a monster raccoon, into space, and many other unexpected places.

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Transmedia Children's Environment

Impossible Animal Zoo

Children create animals online at impossibleanimalzoo.com. Each animal is unique, has a personality, and eats a certain kind of food. A QR code is produced when animals are created which allows the child's animal to be 'released' into a motion-reactive scene, where the child can interact with their animal.

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Interactive Sculpture

OHM The Interactive Dragon

Inspired by the many mobile installations at Burningman, PO-MO created a giant sound-reactive dragon puppet out of styrofoam, wired with an Arduino, a lot of lighting, and a microphone. The dragon features a smoke machine, a handsome covering of green faux-leather scales, and a mobile cart.

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Interactive Educational Booth

Aboriginal Day Live - Spirit Animal Project

For the 2011 Aboriginal Day Live Festival, PO-MO created an interactive Spirit Animal booth with help from grade six students at Sargent Park School. People visiting the booth could change into different spirit animals and take a picture of themselves as animals, with a description of what the animals represent.

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Social Media Advertising

Kildonan Place Christmas Campaign

Kildonan Place Christmas campaign, outdoor and indoor signage incorporating interactivity with the client's Facebook page. Visitors post messages to the displays through the client's facebook page. Displays incorporate a countdown clock showing how much time is left to finish shopping. Recipient of a 2011 Signature Award.

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Mobile Phone (SMS) Controlled Wall Projection

Wonderland Interactive Party

The Wonderland project featured a 45 foot long animated wall. Animations were controlled by texts sent from audience member's cellphones. Texting the names of different characters from the Lewis Carol novels caused them to appear. The caterpillar would 'say' any words that didn't match a trigger phrase.

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