PO-MO is one of North America's leaders in transforming spaces for events and promotions using interactive projections on buildings, augmented reality display solutions, gesture controlled displays, and dynamic lighting design to provide users with new and engaging experiences.

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PO-MO 2015 Demo Reel

Interactive Display Installation Portfolio

We're a team of artists, developers, & engineers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of interactive, immersive technology for events, retail, & education. We believe any experience can be augmented with interactive light & sound displays. Our solutions engage audiences big & small while respecting the budgets of our clients.

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PO-MOtion Interactive Floor and Wall Software

Interactive Floor and Wall Software

PO-MO's innovative, affordable interactive floor and wall software is perfect for retail and education. Software starts at $39.99, works on any computer using any USB webcamera. Super easy to set up. Try it free for 30 days.

Check out www.po-motion.com for more info!

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